Here is some of my background.

Photography has been a business and passion of mine since 1973.   

Since that year I have been on the staff of several newspapers and a "stringer" for other publications and the Associated Press, Reuters and other news gathering organizations. My photos have been published in publications all over the world.

I was the photographer of the Indiana High School Athletic Association for 18-1/2 years and covered nearly every state championship tournament finals in every sport during that time.

I was the team photographer for the Indianpolis Indians for the 1985-89 baseball seasons.

For nine years I was the photographer of the Indiana State Fair.

About 1990 I was able to move into a new area of photography as I began offering my photos of wildlife, nature, and travel at art fairs across the Eastern part of the U.S. and Canada. Those who visited my canopy were able to see my original art work, all of which - photography, printing, mat design and cutting, and framing - were all my personal work.


Today I produce photos when I am so moved.

My work will be updated here from time to time, so visit often to see what is new. 

Thank you for your time and attention.

To your success,

Mark Wick

Welcome to the Essential Element

  • The Wick is an essential ingredient of a candle. For thousands of years candles have been shedding light in the darkness.
  • It is essential in North America today to have in place an affordable, effective method to access and use the legal system so we are served by it rather than victimized by it. Our identities are also under constant threat and it is essential to know our status and to have a plan in place to restore our identities for us when they are stolen. For those who choose the path of self determination through business ownership, it is essential to have affordable access to those willing to share the knowledge which they have and we do not. Effective tools to operate our businesses are also essential.
  • Light is the essential ingredient of photography. In fact, light is the ingredient of photography. Without light there is no photograph.


Since 2003 I have been focusing on helping people and businesses by educating everyone who would listen about the benefits provided by the services of LegalShield.

LegalShield empowers everyone by enabling you to know what you should or shouldn't, before you do or don't, so later you won't wish you had or hadn't.


I now have 64 years of life experience upon which to draw in these areas, as well as access to the knowledge, wisdom and counsel of many mentors who have, and are, sharing their thousands of years of collective experience.


On these pages I will do my best to offer that collective wisdom for your benefit. Take what you like, use what you can.


Here is a story I received recently from one of my business partners. It is a great example of why I now do what I do.


My friend called me up so excited today.  His LegalShield(SM) membership saved him over $100 by preventing him from getting scammed by an auto repair shop. 

He had taken his van in for its annual inspection at [business name] here in Dallas.  They said his fuel cap needed replacement (at a nominal cost) but also his tail light was allegedly broken and would cost $100 to replace.  Without it, his vehicle would not pass inspection and would not be legal to drive. 

Knowing that the slightly cracked tail light had passed inspection numerous times before, he inquired further.  The manager of the store told him it was the law.  Of course, he asked to see it, and the manager showed him a manual that the inspectors go by.  And right there in black and white it said that a light only fails if it’s broken to the point where white light shines through it.  His tail light clearly was legal. 

But despite having this pointed out, the manager would not budge and flatly said he would not allow the vehicle to pass inspection.  My friend asked, “Are you absolutely sure this is how you want to handle this matter, because I am about to call my attorney.”  The manager was unmoved. 

With that, my friend pulled out his Pre-Paid Legal card and called the provider law firm.  After describing his problem, even while he was still on the phone getting his call registered with the provider law firm, he noticed that his van was being driven back into the service bay and it was getting some kind of attention.  And wouldn’t you know it…the van suddenly got an all-clear inspection. 

Shortly afterwards, the attorney called back and said my friend had handled it perfectly.  No further attorney intervention was needed. 

In this case, just the mere calling of an attorney was enough to make the scoundrels back down.  They intended to scam him, but quickly realized that they could not fight both him and his attorney too. 

My friend saved enough money today to pay for a half-year’s membership. 





  The Essential Element

Please let me know what is helpful to you. If you choose, please share what you know that I may not. Let's grow together.

If you see an area here where you believe we can work together as partners, let me know and we will explore what is possible and maybe even seemingly impossible for us to accomplish as a team.